Ibanez GRG 150 for sale in Mumbai

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by ywdhfjtu, May 7, 2010.

  1. ywdhfjtu

    ywdhfjtu New Member

    Hey people,

    I am selling my Ibanez GRG 150 for Rs. 9500 (prices negotiable)....I am selling it coz m goin for a higher model with a floating tremolo. The guitar has been used for not even a year. The new one costs for about Rs. 12000 which is the latest price in Mumbai shops....


    1. GRG1 Neck
    2. Basswood Body
    3. Medium Frets
    4. FAT10 Bridge
    5. STD-H1 (H) neck pu
    6. STD-S4 (S) mid pu
    7. STD-H2 (H) bridge pu

    Only Mumbai people should reply....Plz mail me on swiss_mustang@yahoo.co.in....

  2. ywdhfjtu

    ywdhfjtu New Member

    My new offer is Rs. 8000. Still negotiable....
  3. ywdhfjtu

    ywdhfjtu New Member

    Any one interested ? M uploading d snaps of the guitar....
  4. ywdhfjtu

    ywdhfjtu New Member

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