Ibanez GART60 Or ESP LTD F Series F-50

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by aasimenator, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. aasimenator

    aasimenator New Member

    Hey Guys, I am completely new to this forum & Guitar's. I have played (I mean Hit some chords) an Acoustic Guitar before but I am planning to buy a Electric Guitar & as the title says I am confused between the two.

    So which one is better Ibanez GART60 Or ESP LTD F Series F-50

    I am not into heavy metal songs, I like acoustic songs & may be some blues & pop songs. but i also want to learn some riffs.

    Let me know which one of them is better, or there is a totally a different one which is better than both of them & in the same price range?
  2. aasimenator

    aasimenator New Member

    No One? How about Ibanez GART60 Or ESP LTD F Series F-50 Or Greg Bennett, Avion, AV-1
  3. Rockon_07

    Rockon_07 New Member

    I think between the 2 Ibanez and ESP LTD, I would prefer ESP LTD F-50. There is not much difference between both the guitars both will suite any beginner .....The thing which matters is which guitar shape you like more as GART60 is Lespaul shape and F-50 has f kind of shape that is what LTD call them .... Go to the shop play both and find out which feels more comfortable to you ..

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