Ibanez electro-acoustic series

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  1. headbanger8

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    howdy..guys..new in IGT..I wanna know..that if Ibanez electro acoustic series(eg.tcy10e,tcm50e..with in built pre-amp & EQ)is avlbl in India or not..n..if then from which shop to buy it..in Kolkata?..do Braganza keep Ibanez?!..I hv chckd Reynolds..bt found..nothing their..except..a..Larry Carlton 1 and a Pluto 1..n..it'll help a lot..if u guys..suggest some good electro-acoustic..with pre amp n EQ..around 8k.
  2. headbanger8

    headbanger8 New Member

    16 views..not a single reply!! :(
  3. headbanger8

    headbanger8 New Member

    wtf???!!!..guys..c'mon reply..pls!!
  4. rickkkyrich

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    if you have internet.. u know the shop names in ur city.. can't u find the shop numbers and ask them instead... at least make some effort..

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