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  1. noxiouswinter

    noxiouswinter New Member

    Hi all.. I'm from Kerala. I started playing 2 years ago on one of my friend's acoustic guitar. I never went for
    any guitar classes since I didn't have the time. I thought myself by experimenting
    with the guitar and playing songs I liked the most with the help of Guitar-pro.
    I like slash's solos and I can play some of them. The only song i know completely
    is sweet child o mine. I learnt that on my acoustic. Now I want to play it on stage and learn more. I know it requires a les-paul>marshall setup but since I can't afford it, I went for an ibanez GRG270, a boss DS-2 and a stranger cube 80.
    Later i'll get an Ibanez Weeping Demon WD-7. Now that my guitar and distortion
    pedal are one their way from U.A.E, why don't u people tell me what you think of
    the setup. Also tell me if I should have gone for the boss OD-3 instead of

    LEFTY_GUITARIST -= M®. §öU†|-|ÞäW =-

    y don u buy a processor?? by which u can play Les plaul +marshall setup along wid other things.
    wut bout other effects like delay, chorus and phaser n stuff like tht.??

    and u play sweet child o mine solo's on a acouctic n thts da only thing u can play??:eek::
    correct me if im wrong, the price of marshall mg15cd is similer to cube 80:think:

    ur guitar is decent dude.....many talented guitarist cant afford a Ibanez.....and isnt it ur 1st elec?buy a processor and a good amp.or do single unit setup......
  3. sridhar11_2

    sridhar11_2 Instrumental guitarist

    Hey man congrats on your gear:beer: . Your setup is fine for now. The DS-2 is definitely better than the OD-3 for your needs. Since you already startes on a single pedal setup i suggest you keep adding only single pedals rather than Multi pedals. Anyway Multi fx cost a lot more than pedals. You can add single pedals as and when you need spending a small amount rather than spending 20k-30k for a good processor at one go.
  4. noxiouswinter

    noxiouswinter New Member

    tks LEFTY

    Thank you for your comment..

    I didn't buy a multi processor because I didn't want all those effects.
    Just wanted to have the best distortion and wah. That's why I went for
    BOSS. I'm playing mostly slash stuff and he dosen't use much effects.
    Later i can add single pedals if needed.

    I can play most parts of most of the GNR's famous songs but Sweet child
    is the only song I took the trouble of learning completely. I've been
    researching and working on that song for about a year now (I'm a beginner).
    But at last I have it right. Now I'm working on Paradise city.

    I didn't go for the marshall mg15cd because It's only 15 Watts. I wanted
    volume to play on stage. That's why i went for cube 80. I was hoping
    the boss DS-2 would give a decent tone on the stranger.
  5. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    ^ Good point.
    Processors are waste of money.
    Though claiming that BOOS is best is slighly far fetched.

    But am not at all convinced about you reason for higer wattage amp.
    Everywhere - well almost every gig, the guitar signal is either directly fed to the mixer, or the amp is miced to the mixer.
    Nowhere will you find the sound from amp directly reaching the audience.

    It doesnt make diff whether it is 15W or 80W. Coz ultimately you will have to keep the volume from your amp at a suitable level that can be mixed easily.
  6. noxiouswinter

    noxiouswinter New Member

    that just opened my eyes.. thank God I haven't brought the stranger yet.
    Now i'm researching on MG15CD. Can anyone tell me if it can pull off slash's
    kinda tone or something close to it? Also is there any online store in
    india which sells the MG15CD? I'm in KERALA and no store here sells
  7. ronnieanand

    ronnieanand n00bier th@n th0u

    Just a plain Boss Distortion will sound so damn dry. Get yourself a good reverb pedal. You dont really need a delay as most people would suggest but get yourself a good reberb and that will make your sound look complete.
  8. jocelyn

    jocelyn New Member

    You have started with a good setup. Just keep adding the pedals you need as you keep playing. The Stranger cube 80 is a ood amp but honesty you dont need 80Watts, you can try the Cube 40. Or the Marshall. ( I honestly dont know how the Marshall MG15CD will sound)The Pedal is good, though not the best around in my opion.BUTany day better then a processor. I agree with ronnie that just having a Distortion of that kind can sound dry, but as Alpha suggested before you can get pedals as and when you can buy them.

    Any way Congrats
  9. ronnieanand

    ronnieanand n00bier th@n th0u

    If you can afford an 80W Amp, then get an 80W Amp. Larger amps sound large.. Has a lot more clean head room than the smaller ones... Bigger amps sound better than the smaller ones anyday... But for Stranger, I'd say keep away from it. Rather get a 50W Marshall.
  10. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    But tell me one thing if I am sending the signal direct line-out to mixer, it makes no diff whether the signal is coming from 100W amp or 10W.

    If I am micing the amp, and I put the amp on full 100W blast, the signal will be clipped by mic and/or the mixer card.
    In that case you will havto reduce the volume.

    So in a way I have bought 100w system. But running it at 20w only.
    Ofcourse 100w amp will have slightly better speakers to handle taht power, whcih will result in more crisp sound at lower volumes.

    What I mean is 20w amp operatin at 20w will start sounding farty.
    100w amp at 20w will sound crisp and tight.
  11. noxiouswinter

    noxiouswinter New Member

    Is that really how it works? I thought that only the mics went to
    the mixer. If the speakers and mixers u get when u play on the
    stage decides your sound quality, then why bother about buying
    good amps? I still think the pros feed their guitar signal to
    a stack of amps on stage and that the audience hears the guitar
    throught the amps only. Anyway I think a 15 Watt marshall is too
    weak to be heard above the drummer even while practising. Also
    as alpha said, i cant run the 15 watt amp at 15 watts. The cube 80
    is around Rs.6K and it has built in reverb. I think I am gonna go for
    the stranger itself. I think it can reach a fairly large audience
    without running it with the mixer. Also since i use a pedal,
    I can turn down the volume for practice at home.
  12. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Thats up to you.
    But your audience wont surely like the raw sound coming from your guitars.
    Or the raw sound coming from Bass and drums individually.

    Thats why every thing is mixed.

    But then for 6K, Stranger is OK. Some semi-pro bands in Bombay and Banglaore use Stranger 80.
  13. noxiouswinter

    noxiouswinter New Member

    Thank you all for your comments..
    I finally brought the cube 80 for Rs. 5850. I am still waiting for my guitar
    and pedals to be delivered. The amp sounded huge when they gave me a
    demo using a CD player. But they didn't have any instruments to play
    on it. Anyway I took the risk and brought it. I looks and weighs huge too.
    I can't give the final word till I play my GRG270 on it..
  14. TheDevil

    TheDevil Ruler of Hell

    have ur effects n axe come frm uae or no n if yes how does it sound thru the stranger
  15. noxiouswinter

    noxiouswinter New Member

    not yet.. i'v been waiting since 28th.. think of the pain.
  16. noxiouswinter

    noxiouswinter New Member

    Hi.. sorry for the delay. I got my gear last week.
    The guitar is awesome. It is very responsive. I can't play with the fan in my
    room on coz it makes my strings vibrate and gives unwanted noise.
    The amp is really loud. It is so loud that i can't use it in my room with dist onl.
    Even at min vol, it sometimes screams enought to make me cover my ears.
    I can't turn down the vol in my guitar coz it'll change the dist level.
    The boss DS-2 is very good indeed. It gives cool dist noise, great for
    chord work. It has a very high gain. It's the one that makes my amp so loud.
    Without it, i can play clean at comfortable levels. Everything is good but still
    i'm a sad man because, now i realise, what i wanted was an overdrive pedal.
    I'll soon buy the boss OD-3. I can't get enough sustain. I'm thinking of buying a cheap compressor too.
    I had a few problems with my guitar. There were pickups every where.
    I had no place to pick the strings deep enough. so I just took off the middle
    pickup. Now it's fine. another thing is, the volume knob is interfering with my
    right hand when i pick or strum. I'm thinking of drilling a hole and moving that
    knob down... give me some replys.. i like to hear other's comments.
  17. TheDevil

    TheDevil Ruler of Hell

    No man dont try to mess around much with ur axe anywayz its the only 1 u have ....yes do try to do sum techie stuff if u feel like but dont go deep into drilling an all without consulting a pro and also how does that hole look like after u took the pikup off the middle slot.? did it affect the sustain ?
  18. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Your wish, though I would prefer it that way.
    It gives you an oppurtunity to control teh volume of each and every not you play.

    If you are on of us, who likes to vary the drive by using guitar Volume pot, then I guess having a vole pot near your strumming hand is benfitial.
    Ofcourse if you play only metal and find this as a nuisance, get rid of teh volume pot altogether. I mean just remove the knob (and pot also if you want to)
  19. nebuchadnezzar

    nebuchadnezzar G34r G33k

    Congrats on the gear:beer:
    A word of caution though..dont mess around too much without first putting in enough time to get used to it.. if it bothers you even after that you then go ahead and do the mods..
  20. noxiouswinter

    noxiouswinter New Member

    hey guys..
    I've told u about my guitar, amp & DS-1. Last week i added OD-3 to my
    setup. I should say, Now I got what I wanted. The DS-2 was good but
    not good for playing solos. Actually, i was desperate, after taking the risk
    & buying the stranger amp becoz I didn't get the tone I wanted. Now OD-3
    has saved my life. I almost cried of joy when I finally heard what i wanted out of the stranger. Maybe you all should checkout the OD-3 too..

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