I want to tune my guitar.....

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by elvis99, Sep 25, 2004.

  1. elvis99

    elvis99 New Member

    hey everyone my guitars tuning is cmpletely out
    i have a normal six string kapok holow guitar i want to tune it up if please anyone culd tell me the corect in depth procedue or the way or some tips on how to tune my guitar im a newbie so plz help
    i want to know how to tune my guitar do let me know
  2. jayanth

    jayanth <.: : Call Quits : :.>

    Wrong Forum.. Questions related to guitar are asked in Beginers Q & A.. So this thread will be moved.. THis is a tab request forum..

  3. aloneas_moon

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  4. jayanth

    jayanth <.: : Call Quits : :.>

  5. i tune mi guitar usin mi cell
  6. maverick8218

    maverick8218 New Member

    Wow, thats a cool trick, lavu... How do ya do it, through the composer on your cell or by recording the notes of a well-tuned guitar ??
  7. rajujee

    rajujee New Member

    i tune my guitar by tuning machine... it's so cheap...according to his work... i buy this machine..on only 4 $ .but one thing is noted ..the perfection is better on machine.
  8. lol i downloaded this file on mi cell its called a guitar tuner.. so i use it.
    its kewl, fashionable and most of all, free!
  9. pacificwaters

    pacificwaters - .+:| Oriel |:+. -

    cool idea.

    u are too innovative.

    i cud never even have dreamt of this idea
  10. maverick8218

    maverick8218 New Member

    Instead of downloading the file one can simply use the composer on one's cell to tune the guitar
  11. jayanth

    jayanth <.: : Call Quits : :.>

    Yhea Mave.. But why all that trouble.. YOu have two ears.. Tune your guitar using the same..
  12. nebuchadnezzar

    nebuchadnezzar G34r G33k

    ya..i can self tune the guitar by ear but i need the note of the 1st string for reference....
  13. maverick8218

    maverick8218 New Member

    me too nebs...
  14. jayanth

    jayanth <.: : Call Quits : :.>

    Thats quite obvious.. BUt On stage its totally different..
  15. maverick8218

    maverick8218 New Member

    I guess you are right, jay... but, I have a long way to go to reach the stage...
  16. jayanth

    jayanth <.: : Call Quits : :.>

    I think practice is just the Key.. Nothing else..

    BTW at everyone:- How fast can you tune your guiotar.. I do it in 45secs to a minute..

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