I want to buy an acoustic guitar. Please help!

Discussion in 'Buy - Sell Used Musical Instruments' started by Mitesh565, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. Mitesh565

    Mitesh565 New Member


    I want to buy an acoustic guitar.


    1. Venetian cutaway
    2. Tuner
    3. Semi-electric(if under Rs. 10,000), otherwise acoustic
    4. No Rocks, Kaps, Gb&a, pluto, givson etc. (I want a good quality guitar)
    5. Good sound quality.

    Budget: Rs. 10,000 (So, please tell the original price if you know, not the selling price)
    Semi-electric would do fine if comes under my budget.

    Point out if I'm missing something important :p

  2. n2vat

    n2vat Member


    I know you mentioned "no plutos", but if you are in mumbai i recommend / request you to try my "pluto". I had your same similar requirements and trust me i loved what i found, i got over the mind block...send me an email addres will send some HQ pix for you to decide, and you are welcome to try it out if you are in mumbai, no strings attached...just asking 5k for it.... cs50c-bk 1.jpg cs50c-bk 8.jpg cs50c-bk 5.jpg cs50c-bk 21.jpg cs50c-bk 22.jpg
  3. Mitesh565

    Mitesh565 New Member

    Your guitar looks nice but as you know buying a guitar is not about looks only. And I would like to buy a new guitar. I already have a guitar but I want a venetian cutaway and some nice quality. Anyways thanks for suggestion :)
  4. n2vat

    n2vat Member

    Hello Mitesh, totally with you and agree. trust me i am not trying to push my guitar on you. i am myself a collector / connosiuer of guitars. this is "new" guitar, with pro work done on it. it's just that i have just moved to a new one and am actually selling it at a loss. want to give it to someone who will cherish it and remember me :rock:. it is cutaway, plays well, good build quality (choose it out of 5 same models, was "cherry" picked) and is not about the looks at all. send me an email will send you more HQ pix (25 mb), i also recommend to come and try it out, no strings attached, nothing to lose, if you are in mumbai....
  5. Mitesh565

    Mitesh565 New Member

    I live in Mohali, Punjab :(
  6. konhar11

    konhar11 New Member

    hey , look for GRANADA PRLO-18 , semi acoustic sounds great I have it .
  7. lead_chirag

    lead_chirag New Member

    hey u can try guitars from Jimm.....their sound quality is pretty good....and my frnd owns a Jimm semi-acoustic which is under 8000....it sounds nice
  8. kunalvt

    kunalvt New Member

    Takamine EG260c - excellent condition ! for sale

    hey bro , i'm looking to sell my takamine eg260 . its an year old and is in an excellent condition. here is the guitar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTyGNrxatVg

    i bought it for 18,000. but im selling it for 12,000 !!
    revert if ur interested.
  9. kunalvt

    kunalvt New Member

    Takamine EG260c - excellent condition ! for sale

    hi guys ,

    im looking to sell my takamine eg260c , semi acoustic .

    here is the guitar - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTyGNrxatVg
    this is exactly what i have !

    here are the specs - EG260C-BL 6 String Acoustic / Electric Guitar - G Series FXC Series - Takamine Guitars

    here are the reviews - EG260C Review | Takamine | Acoustic Guitars | Reviews @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com

    its a kick-ass guitar and has no glitches . the only reason im selling it is that i need quick cash .

    revert if ur interested !

    gracias !

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