i wanna know all the chords

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  1. von dutch

    von dutch New Member

    hi guys, i am new here in indian guitar tabs, i ve recently bought a guitar and i am fond od playing it, but the problem is this i don't know to play it, still i can read the notes and play some of the melodies like "teri yaad", "aadat", m.i-2 and 007, but i wanna know all the cords of guitar...................... So any one would like to TEACH me the chords.........PLZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  2. Ajay_mad

    Ajay_mad New Member

    hay there
    do u know the basic chords like c ,d,e,f,g,a .tell me what u wanna know about.
  3. jogi_84

    jogi_84 New Member

    hmm.. well.. i dont think its as easy as it looks bro, people here can tell u all the chord's ud' ask for, but there are more than jus a few dozen (more like over 600) differnt chords and chord variations. hell u can create ur own chord too. but you CAN learn the chord u NEED to knw from people here. ask and we shall answer.
  4. Theguitarist

    Theguitarist New Member

    if you want to learn guitar i would suggest a teacher.It may be hard to find one,so you can teach yourself too.There is a site which think can be of great help


    On the site you can find articles.There are lots of articles you'll defenitly find something usefull.
  5. faiqgiant

    faiqgiant .: Innocent :.

    i have a pdf file dat contains almost all da chords, if u gimme ur mail adress i'll e mail dat file
  6. light_of_erindi

    light_of_erindi New Member

    I think the chord list is here on IGT itself....look for it in threads...not older than 3 weeks...search for 'chord list'...it is an attachment...
  7. larsan

    larsan K-Dash

    hey bro take this chords chart..............i have already posted it on IGT but still for u i have attached the file................this will give u the codes for the every chords u want....................do reply me if it workes for ya:)

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  8. pure_angel

    pure_angel New Member

    Install software "GUITAR PRO 4"... it have over 600 chords... simple & chords as well... i think its the best software...

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