i use semi and wantt to know something

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    hi buddy i use semi-acoustic i dont have amp anyways .. i want to know that

    is there a way i can plug my guitar to the pc and use softwares to create additional sound effects? if so, which ones can i use and is a special kind of sound card used? help me

    Ali please

    note :
    this msg is orginally of andy .. i just copy paste and change a bit
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    well there are hundreds of similar thread anyway.
    yes u can connect ur guitar to ur pc using a simple chord in mike-in socket.

    u can use Acid-Pro for recording.Acid pro wd help u in volume control,pitch control and u can add diff sounds such as drums,keyboards etc to make a full song.

    last but not least get some gud speakers or u wd get a nice screeching "feedback".
  3. g0g0l

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    If you are trying to plug it in, use a pre Amp. Or, simply insert a slim mic into your guitar and use the microphone port to record the sound...

    The best softwares for recording are...

    1) Cakewalk Sonar (Or Cakewalk pro Audio )
    2) " Guitar Tracks Pro...

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