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  1. amey4u

    amey4u New Member

    I am inetrested in buying good electric guitar and my budget is around 15000. My knowledge about buying electric guitars is more or less nill.
    Many peole have suggested me to go in for fender guitar (((if u also think fender is the best 4 me then which one as there are many models))) but i would like to know ur special views and suggestions.I currently reside at Bangalore. So plz let me know which guitar to buy and where shall i get it.
  2. Dhruvmiester

    Dhruvmiester New Member

    buy the ibanez grg270 - its for 15500

    that is if this 15 k is purely for the guitar

    but if you are buying a processor and an amp in 15k then dont buy this and good luck to you......
  3. vini

    vini Repeat Offender


    if this 15k is all u have for guitar + amplifier + processor? fender electric guitars' range starts from 9k

    so tell explicitly whats ur budget plan so that u can get correct guidance/suggestions from the members

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