I Need Raga Bhupali Tabs!!!

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  1. Redmetal

    Redmetal New Member

    I Need Raga Bhupali Tabs!!!!!!!
  2. josheelverma

    josheelverma New Member

    chords for raag bhupali
    i just found out the chords playable for the raag bhupali.... its in C major scale

    C maj , C6 , C add9, C 6add9

    D sus, D 7sus4

    G sus

    A min , A sus, A m7, A 7sus4

    KeyChord.com - Chordfinder for Keyboards
    this site 'll help u know the chords......
  3. tangoCharlie

    tangoCharlie New Member

    Great thanks josheelverma!

    There is a song in Raag bhupali that I am trying to play on guitar I tried C and D but it was not completely perfect.

    Here is link for the song
    Lage re nain tumse - YouTube

    Thanks for your help!

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