I need a bassist , a lead guitarist & a drummer .

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    Hi !
    Rohan here .
    Well I m an engineer for name sake but musician by choice.
    I m a singer & a rhythm guitarist .
    I was in my band during engg. , but left it as I had to return to my home place (delhi) .
    Currently jobless , looking to form a band , so here's my post .

    I sing mostly english rock songs ... strictly confining myself to NIRVANA , ERIC CLAPTON , BON JOVI , GREEN DAY , METALLICA & GnR .

    I want to have those people who have the same taste .(no more vocalists (obviously) )

    I reside in DELHI (ROHINI).

    I have created a few songs (not fully completed) n want to create a career in this field .

    Interested people

    Mail me to
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    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Or perhaps it would be better if you look out for a band that is in search for a vocalist / rhythm guitarist?
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