i m new to guitar

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  1. r7eklavya

    r7eklavya New Member

    hello every one....
    i m new to guitar do i dont know how to use tab so please anyone here tell me how to read tab plzzz
  2. saurabhrocks

    saurabhrocks New Member

    reading tabs is simple,
    a tab contains six horizontal lines


    the topmost line represent the thinnest string and the bottommost the thickest string.
    and the numbers show the fret no of each string
    0 means u do not have to fret that string
    the above tab shows a c chord
    we read the tabs left to right in increasing order of time

    in the above tab all the numbers are on top of one another hence have to be played together.

    now another example
    play the thinnest string 3rd fret,then the second thinnest string on the 2nd fret
    then the third and the fourth open and together.

    ## for ur understanding imagine a train on the tab going from left to right
    now it will collide with the numbers,
    the number with which it will collide first will have to be played first,then the second
    if it collides with two numbers together play them together

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