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  1. maxeffect

    maxeffect New Member

    Well, a simple .... bt true for all poem

    i looked around,
    but no one i found,
    but there he was, always with me.

    i walked on the deserted land,
    no company but soil and sand,
    but there he was, moving alongwith me.

    i passed thro' all highs and lows,
    no help to handle those blows,
    but there he was, strengthening me.

    no money no time,
    no song no rhyme,
    but there he was, a melody within me.

    the only one with whom i share.
    the only one who always care.

    i, me, myself is all i see.
    "i love myself" is all i say.

    who else
  2. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    awesome man.....kept it simple yet had deep meaning...


    keep penning!!!

  3. #iR@


    hmmm... i'll be honest.. .see the topic made me think it was one of the "self obssessed weird cheesy poems" (no offence) but then i read who it was by and i was like hmm i have to see wat u rote... soo i read it... and i find the idea behing the poem VERY strong and very VERY deep... i must say i reallyyyyyy liked wat u rote BUT the title on its own still annoys me... BUT once seen in context to the poem i wudnt have actually liked any other name... soo a job well done :rock:
  4. maxeffect

    maxeffect New Member

    Hey dude thanx! ...... m honoured! :dance:
  5. maxeffect

    maxeffect New Member

    @---#iR@: Hey thanx for reading. I actually thot ppl wud say its too simple, but gr8 to see u all actually read the idea behind it.
    Thank u for those comments.
    & yup, for that title, now u knw y i chose it (titles are often deceptive :) )
  6. tanvi rustagi

    tanvi rustagi New Member

    hey its gud.and yup to tel you honestly tht no1 cares for u until u care for u, u love urself n thts d way u can make othrs love u.
    so keep lovin u n gud goin.
  7. maxeffect

    maxeffect New Member

    thanx....... true, loving urslf comes first!

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