I love You

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  1. @bhi

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    The smile on that face, those eyes and those lips,
    Those cheeks that I love, and they shine when I kiss.
    I don’t know what it is, may be I have gone mad,
    May be I am in love, which is equally bad.

    The touch of those hands, the long black hair,
    You are so perfect; I would like to share.
    You are an angel, and this is bliss,
    This is a chance I don’t want to miss.

    Those words you use, that innocent speech,
    All those beautiful things that you preach.
    Is this my luck, or am I still dreaming,
    Is God playing a game, or is this live streaming.

    I would like to think that I am being fair,
    I would like to think and I would like to share.
    This is new to me and this is rare,
    I would like to tell you that I really care.

    - love you
    - Abhi.

  2. tito419sep

    tito419sep New Member

    Why Do I Still Love You?

    Why do I Still Love You?
    Why do I cry
    who do I hide
    why do I still care
    why do I pretend your there

    why do I love you
    why do I think you love me to
    why do I feel pain
    why do I feel like I’m insane

    why do I want you so bad
    why do I get mad
    why do I miss you
    why do I need you

    I try to tell you how I feel
    but you don't care
    so I'm asking you these questions
    to see if you know I’m there!
    Coz I Still Love U....
  3. @bhi

    @bhi New Member

    tito, that was nice!!
    well done !
  4. maxeffect

    maxeffect New Member

    @ abhi:
    nice one dude, an innocence of first love can be seen
    keep penning

    urs poem seem to be a further part of love
    nicely written, start a new thread for ur poem so u get views of
    wat ppl think of it.
  5. @bhi

    @bhi New Member

    thanks man!


    @ abhi really romantic in simple
    @tito start a new thread tho...but well done too..u proved u have 2 many questions .
  7. tito419sep

    tito419sep New Member

    Thanx a lot everyone for praising my poem....I will start a new thread for my poems

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