I Love You Coz You're You - something I wrote during lectures ;-)

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    Here's something I had written around 2-3 months ago ...

    It's not very good, but I wrote it during my Computer Programming lecture in college :p: ;)

    Reasons and motives may go for a toss
    It's love, it's not business, it ain't no profit loss.
    A million reasons to love don't sound enough
    As eventually, I love you coz you're you.

    I love you coz you're you,
    Sweet angel,
    I love your eyes and the hair which falls over 'em
    And the hand which brushes 'em away.

    And you're mine, I say
    Succumbing myself to your lovely soul
    Intoxicated, you make me weaker by the minute
    As I realise, I love you coz you're you

    I love you coz you're you,
    Sweet angel,
    I love your bright and twinkling eye
    Reflecting me, and my love, timeless, endless as the sky.

    As you fall into my arms,
    Into a dance we break.
    Our eyes meet and our shadows merge
    As I know, that the only reason I love you's coz you're you.

    Quite lame-ish, but it's one of the first few poems I've tried writing :-D

    - Raj.

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