I have few Guitar Pro files, for tamil tunes.

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  1. ny_1618

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    Guys, i have Ilayaraaja's masterpiece Ilaya nila song (complete) in guitar pro file.. Unfortunately I dunno how 2 upload it here.... Can some one assist me.

    I hav also:

    Ennulle Ennulle (Intro bit)
    En iniyapon Nilave (Interlude)
    Nenjukkul Peithidum Maamazhai

    Sorry guys...

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  2. prejava

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    Try to copy and paste it from a word file or notepad
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  5. ny_1618

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    Ilaya nila will be coming soon
  6. pradip_ma

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    Good Post

    Pls include the lyrics.... it is lil difficult to play the tabs without the lyrics.....
    much appreciated.....
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    many thanks for nejukkul song.
  12. samguitar

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    please post ilaya nila in western notes, I am a beginner please.thanks
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    The folllowing link has many Tamil song notes:
  15. shyco

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    dude there is an option called attatch file while creating a thread plz upload all the guitar pro tabs !!!!!! tnxx
  16. kavithai_82

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    PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.......try 2 send ilayanila..........
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    Hello dere.. could anyone please help me vid chords for the tamil song "malargale malargale" .. (love birds)??

    thank u in advance... :)
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