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    i read her article today..so thought maybe il give her poem...also its time will have to recharge my brains poetic card to start writin again now in vacs... :p:

    I Ask Waris Shah, Today

    I ask Waris Shah today to speak up somewhere from the graves
    And to turn to a new page of the book of love

    Once, when one daughter of Punjab wept, you had hit out by writing
    Today a million daughters weep and implore you, Waris Shah:

    Arise, O friend of the distressed! Arise, see the plight of your Punjab
    Corpses lie strewn in the fields and Chenab is filled with blood

    Someone has mixed poison into the waters of the five rivers
    And that water is now irrigating the land

    This fertile land is sprouting poison,
    the horizon has turned scarlet-red and the curses fly to the sky

    The poisonous wind that passes through the forest
    Has transformed each bamboo-shoot into a cobra

    The first snake-bite made the snake-charmer forget his spell
    And the subsequent bites have addicted the people

    They have been bitten again and again
    And in no time, the limbs of Punjab have turned blue

    Silenced are the songs in the streets, the thread of the spinning-wheels snapped
    The girls have fled the courtyards, the whirr of the spinning wheels halted

    The wedding beds and the boats have been thrown away
    Today the branch with the swing on the Pipal has broken

    The flute through which blew the breath of love is lost
    All the brothers of Ranjha today have forgotten this art

    Blood rained on the earth and the graves are leaking
    And the princesses of love are crying amidst the tombs

    All have become Qaidon (2) today, thieves of beauty and love
    Today, wherefrom shall we get yet another Warish Shah?

    I ask Waris Shah today to speak up somewhere from the graves
    And to turn to a new page of the book of love......
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    CrYpTiC_angel Rebelle!

    truly, a legend...

    also see this
  3. abhimanjrekar

    abhimanjrekar ----> Zhol-Man<----

    wow..nice poems yaar..it even has a link of her........i had remembered ther was once a poem on her posted before....i was hopin it wasnt the same..good u gave the link...her words r lovely......

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