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  1. utukutu

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    Hello Every One I Am New To This Site
    I Have Just Finished My Grade One In Guitar
    Well Ia M Havng A Little Proble As I
    Dont Know What The Points On This Site
    Are For I Cant Understand The Tabs Either
    Please Anyone Who Is Grateful Pls
    Help Me!!
  2. apurbajd

    apurbajd ~#$&*$@*^$

    ^^ welcome dude! go thru the beginners forum ... u will find plenty of useful stuffs...............
  3. PuNk_RoCkEr13

    PuNk_RoCkEr13 New Member

    hey i just finished mi 2nd grade in guitar may b i can help u...
  4. PuNk_RoCkEr13

    PuNk_RoCkEr13 New Member

    the young guitar freak

    from the young guitar freak!!!!
  5. PuNk_RoCkEr13

    PuNk_RoCkEr13 New Member

    im really new 2 this 2 so if anty 1 wana help me that would b nice..

    god bless!
  6. faiqrock

    faiqrock XaiQ

    Hi Welcome 2 igt dude :rock:
    Well i Pasted a lesson abt tabs
    for more lessons just go 2
    or Find at IGT Beginners Forums

    Understanding Guitar Tabs

    1. First of all, there are 6 lines, each representing a string on your guitar.

    E--------------------------------------- (1st string)
    B--------------------------------------- (2nd string)
    G--------------------------------------- (3rd)
    D--------------------------------------- (4th)
    A--------------------------------------- (5th string)
    E--------------------------------------- (6th/last string)

    2. The numbers represent the frest on your fretboard.


    This tab tells you to pluck open strings from the last to the first and then return to the last after which you play the first fret on each string in the order 6 st string - 5th - 4th - 3rd - 2nd - 1st.

    E----------------0--1--------------------- (1st string)
    B-------------1--------3------------------ (2nd string)
    G----------2--------------2--------------- (3rd)
    D-------2--------------------0------------ (4th)
    A----0----------------------------------- (5th string)
    E-0-------------------------------------- (6th/last string)

    This tab tells you to play 6th and 5th string open and then the second fret on 4th and 3rd strings and open 1st string. Then you return playing the 1st fret on 1st string and so on as shown.

    / slide up
    \ slide down
    h hammer-on
    p pull-off
    ~ vibrato
    + harmonic
    x Mute note
  7. #iR@


    welcome to IGT .... hope u will enjoy urself here and will learn as well as have fun! :)

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