I am Confused of which guitar to buy???

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by doctorps, Jul 12, 2006.

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    Hi Guys and experts out there i just happened to visit this forum by chance or i should say that i was very fortunate in getting to know about this forum.I want to learn how to play a guitar.More importantly i dont know anything abt guitars can anyone suggets me which guitar to buy.I have heard a lot about electric guitars and i wish to buy one and i just wanna know exactly which one to go for as there are many models in the market budget abt10k-15k,and i want to play the hindi classics and newer film songs,so please help me out in getting the right one and also are the cords same in all the guitars i mean the hawain spanish (electronics/basic).Thanks for your cooperation

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    :) hee hee...I'm not really an expert(I've started a very similar thread,look below!)

    Is this going to be your first guitar? if so I think it'll be better if you get a classical guitar first,It's easy to play,and you gauge your interest level without spending 10k(hey thats a lotta cash!).If you like guitaring a lot after that,then go for an electric guitar.
    You can play most of the popular songs on that guitar.Slightly controversial piece of advice,some people might disagree.
    I refrained from saying acoustic,cause Acoustics are tough to play and hurt your hands big time! :O But once you play an acoustic,you find all other guitars soooo easy to play.

    And your second question....cords? as in the strings? the vary depending on the guitar...some guitars have nylon strings,while electrics mainly have steel(or metal) strings....

    If your talking about chords as in Am,c# etc....yeah they're all the same for any guitar...

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