I am a bignnner need your help friends

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by saagarpatil, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. saagarpatil

    saagarpatil New Member

    I am new to guitar world but would like to know every thing about it. I love Guitars. I a stumbled upon this site, seems to be Guitar experts around here, required your help.
  2. have u joined any classes?
  3. saagarpatil

    saagarpatil New Member

    @ NishBlueweapon... No haven't joined any classes, all i am doing is self learning. That's how i stumbled upon this website. This is were all you guys (Experts) can make me learn Guitar. :)
  4. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    Not an expert but I'd recommend you to join classes coz it really helps. The reason I'm not an expert yet is that i dint join any classes and my motivation have been up and down all this while. Classes keeps you motivated is what i think.
    It's just my personal opinion and there are people who are doing good without any teacher or classes. Depends on how keen you are to learn guitar.

    Good Luck !
  5. angu-s-lash

    angu-s-lash New Member

    @nish- i would recommend you to join the classes cause i started playing guitar a month ago.. after a week i joined to the class and guess what the whole week before i joined the class, i made up some of the bad habits. On the very first class my instructor corrected every mistake i learnt past. This is my tiny exp. there are people who play superbly even with some of the bad habits..
  6. saagarpatil

    saagarpatil New Member

    I had joined classes for few weeks but was not satisfied with the teachings...... so i decided to start self learning :)) and it is working out well I feel, there is lot of knowledge on net as this website. and people like you help alot..... expect more knowledge sharing from all you guys.
  7. joshuac

    joshuac New Member

    after 1 year of self learning i've joined classes... self learning's good but u can't concentrate on a single thing where as classes focuses it on a single thing so join classes u'll be much better :D
  8. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar New Member

    As everyone above has mentioned that join a class...Its must, coz when u r learning on ur own u dont know where to concentrate on..There is just lot of information out on the net and u r kind of directionless...Learning from sum1 will help u learn FASTER...

    BUT join a good recommended class and not just anyone.....

    Happy Learning!!!!
  9. saagarpatil

    saagarpatil New Member

    Thanks for all replies, one more favor from u guys....kindly suggest gud affordable classes in Thane, Maharashtra
  10. sanketraj

    sanketraj New Member

  11. @sagarpatil:- Check out some of the clss like Waves & many more r der, if u really serious abt music u need a personal 1 to 1 trainer mahn.
    But i personally think self learning is the best way of developng ua interest. If u need any more help kEEp in touch mahn cuz m also frm Thane..... ;)
  12. saagarpatil

    saagarpatil New Member

    @ NishBlueweapon:- Good to no you are frm Thane :). Can u teach me if possible Sat - Sun will be fine for me :)
  13. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

  14. @ ricky Thanks mahn.......
    I doubt u gotta real name either :p
  15. suresh3v

    suresh3v New Member


    Try This Website for self learning
    Learn Here
  16. nitinsrms

    nitinsrms New Member

    Hey all, I m Nitin. I m also a new one to guitar world. Need to know everything

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