Humbucker pickup

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  1. prvprv

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    What is the speciality of a Humbucker pickup?
    in a normal strat model there will be 3 single coil pickups
    What will be the advantage if we place a humbucker in the place of a single coil?
    Im newbie. so please clarify
  2. anonymusneo

    anonymusneo New Member

    there are two types of pickups

    1) single coil

    2) humbuker (double coil)

    single coil as we good how ever a litle noise is produced.

    so in order to remove that noise . In a humbuker pickup we have two single coil pickups inverted repectively to each other and it reduced a lot of noise. :)
  3. flood

    flood New Member

    let's not forget that they sound completely different.
  4. insatanity

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    Google it.
  5. distorted

    distorted satan

    Evrything's on wiki.
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