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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by ajitmat_24, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. ajitmat_24

    ajitmat_24 New Member

    What's the difference between humbucker and pickup? Are they two different ways of reffering the same thing or something else?
  2. thehundredthone

    thehundredthone New Member

    A humbucker is a type of pickup. The other is single coil.
  3. laneymaney

    laneymaney Banned

    a humbucker looks like two single coils stuck together
  4. rjm12

    rjm12 New Member

    ya pickup has single coil..humbucker has two..both winded in series thus having low magnetic really produces some great and clean effects as compared to a normal pickup....
    try searching wiki for it..i studied about magnets last sem only so shared all i can recall....
  5. thehundredthone

    thehundredthone New Member

    That's wrong. Both are types of pickups.
    A single coil pickup has 1 set of coils. They are more susceptible to 'hum' because they also pick up electromagnetic frequencies (from other devices)
    A humbucker pickup has 2 sets of coils wound such that they cancel the 'hum'.
  6. yazi

    yazi Banned

    Whats the best 2 coil pickup for strats on I dont want to cut y pick guard. So sinle coil sized.
  7. thehundredthone

    thehundredthone New Member

    I think someone suggested a pickup on your thread (regarding pickup positions).
  8. laneymaney

    laneymaney Banned

    @yazi : lil 59....hear its as good as a humbucker
  9. rjm12

    rjm12 New Member

    thanks .. was little confused....
  10. TheDevil

    TheDevil Ruler of Hell

    All Humbuckers are Pick-ups but all Pick-ups aren't Humbuckers !

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