HP in battle with MS and Intel over HD and BluRay

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    Fort Collins (CO) - In response to Microsoft's and Intel's joint announcement on Monday that they had joined the HD DVD Promotions Group, citing six of what they consider failures of rival Blu-ray high-definition video disc technology, an engineer for Blu-ray proponent HP, who is close to the standards process for the Blu-ray Disc Association, is claiming Intel and Microsoft have been extensively misled, and are spreading misleading information about Blu-ray Disc.

    "I think there's some misinformation being spread about the Blu-ray Disc format," Josh Peterson, director of strategic alliances for HP's Optical Storage Solutions group, told Tom's Hardware Guide. HP is an outspoken member of the Blu-ray Disc Association, and an active participant in building standards for that format. "Certainly, Microsoft and Intel carry big brand presence," Peterson added, "but we don't really feel that their support of either format is really going to change the landscape with respect to hardware availability in the marketplace, or the consumer choice...when products are on the shelf next year."


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