Howz V-tone Behringer?

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by apray, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. apray

    apray New Member

    I saw a v-tone behringer package (with a 15 watt analog modelling amp) at a local shop in valsad - price is 9,000/-. I searched this site for reviews on v-tones but did not get much. Anyone used a v-tone? Any idea if it's worth going for??
  2. thehundredthone

    thehundredthone New Member

    if you're a beginner its okay for bedroom use
    the guitar is very light. i don't know the wood though. must be some cheap hardwood.
    you can some ok tones out of the amp. all in all it is useable, but you're not going to get any killer tone out of the combo
  3. apray

    apray New Member

    Thanks for the info buddy. any idea about the feel of the guitar? howz the action and durability? is it worth using on stage? i don't play rock or metal - mostly need it to accompany for hindi film song on orchestra. will this model help there?
  4. petermasc

    petermasc New Member

    a friend of mine owns a package he bought it a few years ago it was around 7.5-8k then.the amp and guitar WERE ok for the price.both feel very cheap.tones sound cheap you can extract a mild overdrive from it though,enough for the music you play.the guitar feels cheap ,the touch of the guitar can be compared to the strat type givsons,a java may better it though.i dont expect the trem to last long(should have broken off by now),guitar does not hold tune well.fart on the tuners and it will go out of tune.since the guitar is made out of cheap shit wood,the notes sound dead.pickups hum like neon lights and are miserable,paint finish is also poor.

    i would suggest you spend a little more and buy a proper guitar and amp as th guitar may not last for more than 2 years.the amp is much better than the guitar though.
  5. TheDevil

    TheDevil Ruler of Hell

    yea everyone suggests the saving bit but no-one suggests poor guyz something within their shmall buzet !!!
  6. thehundredthone

    thehundredthone New Member

    what can we suggest? in a small budget you can't hope for very high quality gear. if you're starting off then you can go for it. it'll keep you satisfied until you realise how bad it actually is :p
  7. apray

    apray New Member


    I just tried out the V-tone Behringer at the local shop. I just about kept myself from throwing up. Terrible feel, very high action (i know that can be set), poor finish on knobs... and the one i was trying was very poor on the innotation. Now I know these things can be set - but when i tried to bend the neck, it bent like a bow - went nearly half a note up!
    Overall - a really poor make. Maybe i got a bit biased because I had just played my friend's Epiphone Les Paul an hour before i tried out the v-tone... but even then I was shocked at the poor quality of the axe. The amp was not all that bad though. I think the guitar might not be worth more than 4-5k - and the whole pack is about 10 k.
    Anyways... I've gone ahead and bought a used Greg Bennett Avion AV3 from a friend for 9 k. This guitar really surprised me. I played the Epiphone Les Paul and then played the Greg Bennett AV3 - and I didn't find a great difference. This axe surprised me with the feel and sound. Of course it has recently returned from a luthier in mumbai who set it up nice. Lovely action, great feel and good sound.
    My Les Paul dream is fulfilled! :)
    Now I wonder why I even started this thread! :)

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