How women think and how Men think ??

Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by Subhro, Mar 25, 2005.

  1. Subhro

    Subhro Argentina lost :"(

    i thought if doctor luv(FR), zoom, bubbly can post their luvy duvy fundes.. y shud i be left behind :grin:.. so chk out this mail fwd i got.. :grin:


    Woman 1: Oh! You got a haircut! That's so cute!

    Woman 2: Do you think so? I wasn't sure when she gave me the mirror. I
    mean, you don't think it's too fluffy looking?

    Woman 1: No, it's perfect. I'd love to get my hair cut like that, but I
    think my face is too wide. I'm pretty much stuck with this stuff I think.

    Woman 2: Are you serious? I think your face is adorable. And you could
    easily get one of those layer cuts - that would look so cute I think. I
    was actually going to do that except that I was afraid it would accent my
    long neck.

    Woman 1: Oh - that's funny! I would love to have your neck! Anything to
    take attention away from these football player shoulders of mine.

    Woman 2: Are you kidding? I know girls that would love to have your
    shoulders. Everything drapes so well on you. I mean, look at my arms,
    see how short they are? If I had your shoulders I could get clothes to fit
    me so much easier.......................











    Man 1: Haircut?

    Man 2: Yeah. :p: :RollLol:

    plz add fuel 2 this fire evrybdy :grin:
    also i nevr got reps 4 ny chit cht posts :cry1: ... ppl who like this post rep me :grin:

    so....How Women think and how Men think ?? :grin: wht do ya think ??
  2. Asmodeus

    Asmodeus New Member

    Ohh man.. this is gonna spark up soon...

    I see the future =

    FR will say something long... Bubbly wil reply, Jayaswami will say, "This Thread Is Stupid"... man, this'll be cool...

    @ Subhro - Reps man.. Reps...
  3. Hardik

    Hardik .:.:.:BoRn TaLenT:.:.:.

    ^^^yeah i like it too...........:):)no reps for you subhro,cause it tells me to spread some....:p::p:

    i had a fwd like this.....let me check it out...
  4. BubblyMartini

    BubblyMartini !!!HAWM u guys think u know me eh?

    Subhro..i'l think over the reps part...
    thier precious! not evryone comes in the good books of Martina!

    in the meantime why dont "Men"fill up rather than the others
    afterall u'll know best.. u?::think:

    food for thought!

  5. death_metal_fan

    death_metal_fan oh goody, it's a woody!

    Anyone else noticing this recent guy vs. girl trend at IGT? What's up with that?
  6. BubblyMartini

    BubblyMartini !!!HAWM

    its healthy!! nothin to worry!!..(hopefully)

    **whew**i thought i was the only one who thought so

    some of the threads being...
    How women think and how Men think??
    Men Are Better Friends!!
    Men are incomplete without Women..etc etc
  7. silent_dragon

    silent_dragon Immortal guitarist

    the way to fight a woman is with ur hat, grab it n run!!!!

    reps for u subhro!!!
  8. rizaaj

    rizaaj Forum Leader

    lolz lolz.. nice thread subhro... hahahahah

    girls think they are smart.. for example take bubbly...
  9. BubblyMartini

    BubblyMartini !!!HAWM

    Wht the hell!!
    please NOT AGAIN!!
    leave ME outta this!!
    i dont know u neither do u know me
    stop makin comments!! stick to the topic!!

    n yh..... jus for ur records..i dont think i'm smart!!
  10. Subhro

    Subhro Argentina lost :"(

    he he he.. thnx 4 da reps guyz...

    thts wht i was eagerly waitin for :p:
    evrybdy luvs 2 see a fight :grin:

    carry on plz... :grin:

    and ya..
    me 2 me 2 :RollLol:
  11. BubblyMartini

    BubblyMartini !!!HAWM

  12. Taifi

    Taifi New Member

    hehe really nice thread subhro dude
  13. Subhro

    Subhro Argentina lost :"(

    thnks taifi :grin:
  14. Subhro

    Subhro Argentina lost :"(

    um... welcome ??

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