How to tune using electroninc tuner

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    Hello everybody... hope everyone is doing great.. Recently I bought an electonic tuner but the problem is it has a mode button where you can select(F,C,B flat,and E flat).. I guess. ;-)
    When I select each mode and tune all the strings they are sounding different.If I am not clear if I select F and tune all the strings to E,A,D,G,B,e they are sounding one way and when i select C as the mode and tune all strings again they sound different, Requesting anybody to help me out of the situation as to which mode to be used while tuning...

    Thanks in advance ;-) Happystrumming
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    Thanks man :)
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    Best electronic tuner online. Easy to use and exact

    I came across a onling guitar tuner which works same way as the korg does. It picks up sound through pickup input or microphone. Its accurate. I actually messed uo the tuning so much that I was not getting EADGBE in the electronic tuner. So bettre use this www{dot} it also shows the exact frequency that should be matched. You can know the required frequency from www{dot} just try this I bet you will love it. Plz reply if u found it useful. And do share it with others.
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