How to translate chords to tabs??

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  1. Pickfingered

    Pickfingered New Member

    Hi All Expert Strummers,

    Is there any way or method to translate/decode/convert/write from chords to tabs, for eg Am to 7-5-4 on high e etc.?

    I see some songs in tabs and some in chords it is very hard for me to understand if they are in chords and I know how to strum chords but when I play with a song it really sounds wrong, in fact pathetic. Please let me/us know how to do so, it would be of greatest help!!

    JV :)
  2. dhaya87

    dhaya87 New Member

    i too have same prob.. it wud b gr8 if some one helps
  3. whitefox

    whitefox New Member

  4. metal_fan69

    metal_fan69 To Live Is To Die

    I would suggest you guys to read or watch stuff about strumming patterns rather than finding an alternative. Everyone struggles initially but you need to keep practicing. You will surely get better day by day.
  5. Preet_31

    Preet_31 New Member

    this is an only way which metal_fan69 suggest....
    keep practicing........

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