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  1. neeraj.agarwal

    neeraj.agarwal New Member

    i searched the forums and read lots of posts related to strumming... but when i try to strum after listening to the song and copying the chords from the forum, i just can't do that!
    i have tried listening to the song a hundred times...playing it with strumming... but nothing helped...
    i m a learner...its been 2 months i hv been learning... and i play 4-5 types of strumming patterns...
    i want to know what the experienced guitarists used to do if they faced the same problem
  2. ru4me

    ru4me New Member

    dont listen the songs its not a stage to listen songs just try simple strummings like
    D DUDU
    just practise it with diferant chords combination 1st your need to speed in changing chords which is not possible is just 2 months so keeep pratise 1st to change chords with these pettrons after some days you will see results
  3. neeraj.agarwal

    neeraj.agarwal New Member

    i CAN change chords quite fast...i know that...A,Am,E,Em,D,Dm,G,C,G7, and some easy barre chords... i can play these chords quite well,....but only those songs which have been feeded to me...
    u mean to say that i should not try and copy the strumming from the original song but try and make my own...relating to beats or something??
    coz i took chords of some rahman songs..chords were easy but when i listened to the song...i knew at once that i couldn't play the strumming!
  4. amityaadav

    amityaadav New Member

    keep practicing, once you are good and fluent in strumming it will automatically come to you. Part of it has to do with ear training which takes time and practice.

    Watch youtube videos on strumming for precision and guidance

    Good Luck!!
  5. chatty_arko

    chatty_arko New Member

    DuD uDuDD Try to play this pattern its applicable to almost all songs

    D - Down
    u - Up

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