How To Sing Along While Playing Guitar

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    Singing along while you are playing guitar can be a very pleasant experience. Imagine yourself hanging out with your friends, you take out your guitar and start playing and singing with everyone. Or, maybe you’re at home, feeling dull, singing and playing guitar can bring out the energy within you. Now, you may already know this or would have even tried to sing and play at the same time, but with no real results. This may seem to be intimidating for the beginners but you can learn it and have a wonderful time alone or with friends.

    To learn how to sing along while playing guitar read the complete article here.
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    I just finished reading your article, can you detail out the strumming a bit? It will be really helpful to beginners like me.
    Also, it would be "nice-to-have" explanations about time signatures and their relations to strumming...
    4/4 , 3/4 , 6/8 -- I do not understand how to relate these with me strumming if at all I have to relate.

    Gurus: Please pitch in. :)

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