How to shift from chord to chord quickly

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  1. sudhirsonnad

    sudhirsonnad New Member

    I am learning Guitar from last 3 months.I have learnt C,F,G,Am,A,Dm,D,Em,E,F# chords.I can play these separately.But when I see tabs for the songs it shows more than one chords for first stanza n goes on. How to shift from one chord to another. Dont ve get gaps inbetween chords? How to avoid that? Tell me the tricks..M really eager to play the tabs ... guide me
  2. vivek.gaur0816

    vivek.gaur0816 VivekLoveRock....

    Shifting between chords

    Well ma friend its all about practice and how much efforts u put in...
    You can try moving back n forth between G and C chords then add D to it
    n one more important thing keep your left hand fingers pointed towards the finger-board even if u r not using them at that very moment so that these fingers are ready 2 move at the next chord u gotta play.......

    Try n try until u suceed !! well dats d bottom line
  3. sudhirsonnad

    sudhirsonnad New Member

    Thanks Vivek 4 ur valuable suggestions. What abt string striking? is that sufficient to strike to and fro (up n down) continously?

    Just reconfirm my chord recognistion in this site..
    A - means A major
    Am - A minor
    A#- A sharp
    C 3x - means what?
    Am 5x - dt know?
    Could u please reply to this? thanks in advance...
  4. gaurav mohta

    gaurav mohta New Member

    chord playin

    hello ,
    to play chords ,basically der is no trick.Its all about practice and practice.......besides try different forms of strumming...try to make a rythm out of ur strumming.Practise i rythm for about 10 times a day ,u will surely achieve perfection.Ask ur teacher different ways of strumming.
    Dats all i can tell u to do....the rest depends on ur curiosity and ur dedication.
    Thanks friend,
    keep practicing hard
  5. gaurav mohta

    gaurav mohta New Member

    hello ppl,
    i m learning from 8 months and i m havin difficulty in playin bar chords......the strings of my guitar are a bit away from the fret it due to dis.....please suggest sumthin.....

    i wanted to know the price of capo and u guys know the price?
  6. jithu007

    jithu007 New Member

    Abt Barre chords - Try Try Try.. on one day u'll succeed........
    if u r usin a guitar wid d adjustable bar(the thing under the strings near the place wher u strike, which adjust th height) , adjust (correct) it...
    thn try.. also dere is one anothr thng, ur fingr muscles must hav d power to hold thm, try, its like goin to a gym.. this is d finger gyn the powerful they get the tone will b much finer...

    Abt Switchin Chords - As a beginner try try try.. the switch thm... if some strikes are muted dnt mint keep d count mive on...
    once ur finger learns d positions u can do it....

    for ur fun... try the song, America - horse wid no name... its fun playin 'n is simple...

    thn try.. the troggs -"wild thing".. its also simple
    from D - A - D - E... i thnk so... try... :)
    always thnk u can b d best, thn u can do it............
  7. crazykremy

    crazykremy New Member

    well don't concentrate on the striking hand.. first just keep on practising shifting between any two chords.. For Eg. shifting from c to f.. keep on doing this n definitely you'll improve..once ur thorough.. try to shift without lookin at the fretboard.. after that it'll just be a piece of cake.. n a piece of advice-determination can just work wonders..
  8. jithu007

    jithu007 New Member

    wat crazy said is also correct.. bt it wud b easier if u try 4 simple songs.. leave d barre 4 nw, try opens, first try switchin d chords strikin wid countin 1 2 3 4.. lt diz 4 count take a min dnt mind at start, bt later u'll pick up.. btw Cm x5 means 2 thngs, lstn to d sng 'n dcide, dat can b Cm root 5 ie barre on 5th fret, or Cm played 5 tymes on d rythm.. ny mre hlp jst ask..
  9. sudhirsonnad

    sudhirsonnad New Member

    Hi All ,
    thaks for ur valuable suggestions..I started practising ..feeling better now...
  10. sudhirsonnad

    sudhirsonnad New Member

    Another thing ..In some places chord names r geven like Bb Eb.... what are these chords? b means >>>>>>>>>>>?
  11. ArindamSarkar

    ArindamSarkar New Member

    3x and 5x are not chords. They mean, play that chord (or line of the song) 3 or 5 times respectively.
  12. duranta_de

    duranta_de New Member

    if u r a beginer...first thing u got to note is keep your right hand (struming) independent of left hand (fret)...even when you are switching chords..and you are taking time while doing that...keep on strumming with your right hand..and tap with your leg (continue the bit)...this is very important...dont stop while changing chords...

    all i can say better practice with some familiar for example..
    1. Am - G - F - C
    2. D - G - A - E
    3. G - Am - C - D
    etc.. etc..
    there are quite a few songs which fall under similar while practicing you will enjoy it... and later you will be able to pick up those songs quickly...

    please note that - correct fingure positioning is also important...

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