how to remember notes!! The Magic Triangle

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  1. justneedaguitar

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    Well it has been days since i posted on IGT long time back!!!
    I got bored!!!
    so thot of posting something related with remebering the notes
    Well just hope so this a good thing!!!
    I just got this thing while searching the web!!!
    its jus like a tressure so pls keep it safe!!
    it wud surely help u how to remember the notes on the fretboard!!!
    Well download the files and check the explanation
    Well i was roaming around and found it on the net!!!
    so check it out and the explanation is here!!!

    The lesson is called as Magic Triangle!!!

    Well most of us dnt noe all the notes on the fretboard
    There are areas on the guitar neck that are still "foggy zones" for us
    Well here is the cure
    With the help of the two diagrams of the fingerboard in the attachment the notes on the string E and A are given
    The order of the notes have to learned by heart
    With the help the two triangles you'll be able to locate every note on the fretboard

    Refer to the attachments

    For example an F note:
    I simply put in position of the two triangles starting from the F notes which lie on E or A string

    Each triangle covers three strings(E-D-E) or (A-G-B) You can find all the f notes within the first 12 frets

    Now refer to the 3rd diagram which is having all the f's numbered and try to get a feeling where they are ( To get this feeling u have to play it on the guitar :p)

    Note: If a note falls on an open string play it instead on the 12th fret

    Now practice the third diagram with the metronome set on 45 bpm and play your series of notes in numbered order. Make new series of notes after u have made a note thorough!!!!

    This wud give of skills

    1.You get to noe the notes
    2.You have to visualise the next note while u r playin another note and thus learning to play and think ahead.... real important skill in eery area of music
    3.You get ur muscles in gear slowly bt surely and warm yourself up megaslowly

    enjoy the lessons ppl
    tell me how u feel abt the lesson and if u need more jus keep msgin

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  2. raga2303

    raga2303 Member

    Sounds interesting.. I anyway like everything mathematical. Will try this today..
  3. justneedaguitar

    justneedaguitar New Member

    well thx raga for trying this
    atleast do reply when ur done!!
    and tell me how u feel abt the lesson

    ohhh man atleast guys reply whether u like the lesson or not
    thn i'll think whether to continue or not!!!
    reply pls
    and pls do try
    one of the easiest way to remember the notes
  4. justneedaguitar

    justneedaguitar New Member

    wtf no replies

    This is bad tht i m gettin no replies to the post
    sad ppl here
    pls reply if u like or u dnt like the post
  5. raga2303

    raga2303 Member

    it is still not very easy.. will try to remember the formulae and apply it..let us see if I get better with time.
  6. Optimus

    Optimus New Member

    this a good doubt...

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