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Discussion in 'Misc Musical Instruments' started by rahultyagi, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. rahultyagi

    rahultyagi New Member

    Hi all,
    I have a YAMAHA PSR-550 problem is that I don't know how to record my songs with a computer using a midi cable.Do I need any specific software or hardware for that.When I record using floppy drive the drum beats are not recorded.Could anyone please help me.

    Thanks a lot......
  2. Guitar boy

    Guitar boy New Member

    You should be having a soundcard with MIDI interface. (people say about USB to MIDI adaptors, but I am not sure how u use that).

    Yes, you should have a software which recognizes and sequences MIDI Data.

    And when u say drum beats are not recorded - are you trying to store auto-accomp part? They won't get stored. I think there's different way to do it, auto accmp should be stored on a dedicated track. refer ur manual, I don't remember it now.
  3. hindiRox

    hindiRox Banned

    Dude PSR550(I used to own it) Has a floppy drive..

    YOu also have a 16 track sequencer.. You can record 16 tracks onto midi files on a floppy.. Insert a floppy, select the track and press record.. Use some soft of metronome and use sync start to get your timing right.. Record all you tracks to midi and then use the floppy to transfer into the computer... SIMPLE!!!

    The drum beats have to be put in track number 10 ONLY.. if you do that it will work.. Drums use midi channel 10.. And in PSR 550 midi channel 10 = Track 10 of sequencer..

    In PSR 350 Midi Channel 10 is Track 5 in sequencer..(Just Extra Info)
  4. rahultyagi

    rahultyagi New Member

    Thanks a lot for ur response.But when I record the drum beats using floppy drive and playback using windows midia player, it's sound is too different and too dull.But if I play it back on PSR-550 it sounds really good. Is this the problem of recording or something else.I have also read about some tone generators somewhere.Do I need the tone generator to play them back with the same sound.Please help me out.
  5. Guitar boy

    Guitar boy New Member

    Hi Rahul you are confused in MIDI Stuff and audio.
    When you play back in your system media player or whatever, the instrument sounds are from General MIDI Kit.

    There are 128 instruments in GM kit. I belive there are more than 450 instruments in PSR 550, those 450 instruments are mapped accordingly to the 128 GM instruments.

    And u try recording audio, and it will play back as u recorded.
  6. rahultyagi

    rahultyagi New Member

    Thanks a lot for ur response Guitar boy. So there is no way that I can play back the same sound of midi stuff on my computer.Could u tell me any link or reference so that I can learn more about this.Thanks again.....
  7. Guitar boy

    Guitar boy New Member

    Welcome Rahul.
    From your computer you can play back MIDI files with the same sounds as ur keyboard, but you will hv to have your keyboard connected to ur system via MIDI port.

    Sorry I dont hv any sites handy. Just google for ' MIDI tutorials ' 'computer recording' 'computer MIDI' and so on. I usually do that and get good links.

    If you want the same stuff, then my word is to do audio recording. again do google search for how to do audio recording.
    its quite easy(although I hvn't done it so far).
    1. Download and install any audio recording software (audacity is a freeware).
    2. Connect your keyboard output to ur sound card input.
    3. In software u hv to select the track and do some easy stuff to set things.
    4. Press a button in the software to start recording
    5. Play your keyboard.
    6. Press a stop button in ur software to stop recording.
    7. From the software you can get .wav file.
    8. you can just play them in media player or you can use a compressor to convert to mp3 format.

    Note: Your sound card should be decent enough.
  8. hindiRox

    hindiRox Banned

    ^^ reps for you.. Was gonna post the same two details..

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