how to read tabs...?????

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by rave, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. rave

    rave New Member

    Well usually you guys ll be given tabs like...

    ...h p
    e -3---------
    b --3--------
    g ---2-------
    d -----------
    a -----------
    e ----3-2\--5

    This is the string pattern....and the numbers on the strings are the fret numbers....
    All you guys do is play the frets in the given order......

    Then theres the occasional p and h on the frets.....these are hammer and pulloff markers..tell you where to hammer and where to make a pulloff....i suppose u know wat that is....

    and the \ after 2 on the e string denotes slide from fret 2 to 5.....

    Thats pretty much it.....
  2. sanwal_riz

    sanwal_riz New Member

    hello rave plz would u tell me lil about hammer n pulloff ? i am 100% un aware of this (actually new in this field) also plz tell me this
    k agher aisay ho


    aisay may esko kaisay play kerna hay i mean to ask play both strings simultanelously or one by one if one by one then which string ist ?
    plz help me out hope u understand wht i mean to ask???????????????/
  3. saurabhrocks

    saurabhrocks New Member

    riz u play both strings together,
    and is the tab u posted of a diffrent tuning??
    i think it shud be b instead of d, or u missed out a string in between.

    well pull off means, simply u play a note and lift ur finger off the board, so that the string continues to vibtare,

    and hammer means u play any note and then hammer ur finger on to another fret,
    and there r plenty of lessons on igt,
    and u can also try these
  4. swatkats_ad

    swatkats_ad New Member

    am new to guitar can u tellme how to play tabs like 4s2 and all
  5. rave

    rave New Member

    hey swatkats....tabs lyk 4s2 means slide 4m 4 to 2.....
  6. swatkats_ad

    swatkats_ad New Member

    thanx buddy !!! but u know when i play using tabs given i dont know y the proper sound doesnt come i mean it doesnt form the kinda comes part by par do i improve that !!!

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