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  1. sanwal_riz

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    plz help me how to play this



    B-5-6-3s6----5 ????????/
  2. paranoid13rohan

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    G and B are the strings i.e. 1E 2B 3G 4D 5A 6E

    h - hammer
    s - slide

    so hammer and slide where h and s are indicated respectively.

    need more explanation ???
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    c'mmon man just learn how to read tabs,
    and know what are pulloffs and hammer ons

    and u won't need to ask that ques again
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    lol..thank God you didn't advise him to MASTER THE GUITAR first..that way he wouldn't need to ask any question at ALL:p:


    @topic Rohan is perfectly right..

    strings EBGDAE
    123456 ( 1 is the thinnest)

    addition (in case you don't know):the numbers indicate the fret and 0 indicates open string..
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    really nice to c how frequently guyz reply here :)
    well yep me did tried a lot to understand the hammer n pulloff technique but believe me still couldn`t able to understand plz xplain me in simple words or in Hindi plzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzz
  6. saurabhrocks

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    i'm giving here the lessons on slurs from the book'complete idiot's guide to playing guitar'

    and relevant pics of exercises have been attached.

    The Upward Slur (Hammer-On,Ascending Ligado)
    Slurs are fun.They are easy to do and open up all sorts of new musical possibilities.The slur
    is a means of linking one note to another in a way that sounds smoother than playing each
    note separately.Upward slurs are known colloquially as hammer-ons,and downward slurs as
    pull-offs,for reasons that will become obvious.
    First let ’s learn the upward (hammer-on)slur.What we want to do is to link two notes
    together where the second is higher in pitch than the first.

    The curved line between the two notes shows how slurs are written in both tablature and
    standard notation.To play this example,first play the open first string,then hammer the
    left-hand first finger down to sound the note at the first fret.Because the first fret is played
    only with the left hand,it is necessary to bring the finger down smartly with enough force to
    sound the note.Notice that the two notes sound linked together compared with the two
    notes played separately by the right hand.Try doing it both ways to hear the effect.
    Remember these technique points:
    .The hammer must be strong enough to sound the second note clearly.
    .The finger that hammers starts from a point not too far from the string,not more than
    1 /2 to 3 /4 inch.Otherwise you could miss the string,or at least the exact point that you
    want to strike.You will get the best sound hammering just behind the fret.
    .Hammer with the tip of the finger,not the side.
    Now try from one fret to another instead of just slurring from the open string.
    Put the left-hand first finger on the F at the first fret.Play the note,then hammer firmly with
    the third finger.Practice until you hear two distinct sounds.

    Now try practicing this exercise.When you see the number 5 in the tablature simply slide
    the third finger up to it,and then back to the 3.We ’ll be learning more about position-
    changing soon.

    The Downward Slur (Pull-Off,Descending Ligado)
    The term pull-off gives a clue to the technique of the downward slur.The first note is played,
    then the left-hand finger pulls away,plucking the string as it goes.

    It is important to remember that the left hand actually plucks the second note.Many begin-
    ners just lift the finger off,resulting in a weak slur.Try it now,and really sound the open
    Where two fretted notes are involved,both fingers must be in position before starting the
    slur,otherwise the second note will be indistinct.
    Place the first finger firmly behind the first fret.Then put the third finger on,play the note
    with the right hand,and pluck the finger away to sound the lower note.

    Slurs on Inside Strings
    When slurring is between notes on the inside strings,in most cases you will pluck down-
    wards,with the finger ending up on the fingerboard and in contact with the adjacent string.
    An exception is the rare case in which the upper string is meant to continue sounding.To
    avoid damping the upper string,pull sideways so that the finger clears the other string.
    To practice these points,try this example(see attached pic).

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    dude, you require a video
  8. saurabhrocks

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    well yes ,i agree with alpha 1 , a video will be the best ,

    but what i have given might help u

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