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  1. panini

    panini New Member


    i am trying to play tu hi meri dhab hi song and the tab for this part goes as below

    main ho tera lamha

    i am trying this as the pull of but not able to sound the whole piece properly.

    need advice on this

  2. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    ur query is a lil ambiguous..anyways..
    these are notes to be played on this particular string...suppose this tab which u have given here is to be played on Estring...then for the first 3 times u have to pluck Estring open..i.e, with ur left hand finger not touching any fret or note..after this u have to play the 3rd and 5th note in succession...butif ur particularly asking abt the "pull off"..upload a small that we could understand where exactly ur going wrong while Pulloff...if not, then listen to the song and keep practicing..soon the notes will start sounding properly
  3. panini

    panini New Member

    Thanks vini i will try to practice it that way.


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