how to play this part of tabs?

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by fictional_real, Jan 3, 2005.

  1. fictional_real

    fictional_real Pyaasi Jawani

    hey guys,

    need a help....

    how to play this kind of tabs...


    how do i play? i cant play 2 notes at a time....i mean...if i strum ...i do have to strum the strings which r inbetween..which the tabs doesnt allow..and if i try to just pluck string one after wud be like can i play this two notes at a time?

    did u guys get wat my problem is?

    any kinda help is appreciated.

  2. death_metal_fan

    death_metal_fan oh goody, it's a woody!

    Finger picking.
  3. Subhro

    Subhro Argentina lost :"(

    u got 2 pull the two strings together.. frst time pull (2nd frt 1st str) & (open 6th str) together and for the next 1.. pull (5th frt 1st str) & (5th frt 5th str) together.. is this wat u hav been askin ?
  4. rabi_sultan

    rabi_sultan <Bulla Ki Jana>

    someone already asked this question a few days ago.
  5. tejas

    tejas ..........

    Figer picking. Use ur thumb for the 0 on the lower E-string and ur ring finger for the 2 on higher E-string. And the next part, Thumb for the 5 on A-String and Ring for the 5 on the higher E-string. And yeah, u have to pluck the strings at the same time.
  6. fictional_real

    fictional_real Pyaasi Jawani

    @all....thanx, thanx a lot.

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