How to play keyboard ?

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    is there ny body 2 tell me how to start with a keyboard.i've got a keyboard but dont kno how to play it or play with it.please give me a gentle push.i m
    desperate about it.thanks in advance.
    i hope u will respond.
    it will b my honour.
  2. jusmail

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    Gently switch on the keyboard and see if it is functioning. If so, you can start off by practising the various scales.

    If you will notice, on the keyboard, there are always a set of 2 black keys and a set of 3 black keys. The simplest scale is that of C. Play the white key immediately to the left of the 2 black keys till you reach the white key immediately to the left of the 2 black keys (on your right). You will be playing a series of 8 white keys.

    Go ahead and try it out!
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  4. Nanda

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    Hey why dont u get notes .... lots are available on net.... More over if u can play guitar Keyboard will be dead easy......
    But if you dont know learn a few scales... and try just the notes.... Then you can practice Chords .... Chords dictionary is available everywhere.....

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