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    HEy i dnt no if anybody have posted ne thing on this, and if nebdy did it then it will be a gud repition. Ok as am a new i was serching net for guitar related tips and i came across this gud article. so i m posting it for all those IGTians who r new to guitaring as me. As it may be very helpfull for all newbies.

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  2. SG1

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    what is this Help center?

    These kind of posts goes into other forum such as Guitar Lessons, Tutorials & Tips.

  3. ruhiman603

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    hey sg1

    i no sg1 that it has to b posted there but i tried doin that from last day but it was not gettin done over there. so i tried it in here. i mean in this forum and it was done in few seconds. If u no how to move the post to that section then tell me i'll deffinetly move it to that section.
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    nah leave it .. Mods will take care of it ..
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    okay buddy. and thnx for the reply.

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