How to play guitar using tabs

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    HEy i dnt no if anybody have posted ne thing on this, and if nebdy did it then it will be a gud repition. Ok as am a new i was serching net for guitar related tips and i came across this gud article. so i m posting it for all those IGTians who r new to guitaring as me. As it may be very helpfull for all newbies.

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  2. ruhiman603

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    hey pipl

    hey pipl do reply your suggestions yaar. accha lage to bolo accha laga bura laga to bura laga. isse pata to cahle k age aisa kam karna hai ya nahi.
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    Hmm...Lemme C...
  4. g0g0l

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    Luks good, but have to check out more.....Good job buddy!
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    thnx buddy for instant reply.....

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