How to Play Chords Correctly - plz help !

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by noopsi, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. noopsi

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    I am learning guitar myself . I am good at tabs , but I really gt confused in chords . I know playing Am and D chords .my pattrenn of strumming is DUU .
    But even if i try the simplest bollwood song which has Am chord , the way i strumm it or the way i play it .... doesn't match with the orignal . & i end up playing horrible chord. I am really really bucked up . I have the chord chart but when i play any chord according to that chart , it doesnt sound like perfect. I hope U are getting what i mean .

    Can any one suggest me any book , any tutorial , any artical of IGT which can resolve my problem . Plz do help . this is a request specially for senior IGTians.
  2. sayanakaharry

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    it escapes me completely. if there's an OK guitar, and you play a chord shape, following the fingerings of the chord chart you've got (which u say u r doing) and u follow it correctly, and the chord still comes out garbled, then either the chart is not authentic, or the guitar isn't tuned.
    look through the tutorials section here, you'll find lots of material to keep you going for some time. also, visit websites like cyberfret and wholenote.
  3. ambush

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  4. vini

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    exactly what ambush said....firstly make sure, that the chord..ur playing is correct..the website given by ambush..even has a chord u can check and confirm..if ur sure..that the chord is playing is right..then definitely, it has to be tuning problem..that is ur guitar is not tuned properly!! even has an online guitar tuner..that is u dont need to download is the link>>

    hope u a guitar is tuned..if not check the link which ambush gave..hope ur problem gets solved
  5. maybe the guitar is out of tune otherwise if ur a newbie just wait because maybe u r muting other strings if the tuning is problem don worry it takes some time to hang of it ,same for the the strum pattern u need to improve ur timing try using a metrome and the last dont try big things when u r small
  6. noopsi

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    Thanks guys !!
    I'll tune my guitar .
    but still can u suggest any audio material , which is meant or beginners so that I can compare my chords to that one , instead of songs which I play in my discman. It will make things easier , I guess.
  7. ambush

    ambush _RASTA_man_

    Download guitar pro software.

    It has a chord dictionary and i think it plays audio of chords too.
  8. sunish bajaj

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    guys can u teach me the easiest song that can be played with guitar
  9. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    Install GUITAR PRO 4 or 5.You can tune your guitar with it and it will teach you how to play those chord correctly :p: (I have learnt to play chord with the help of that wonder sw)
    If you need any help about the sw and also finding it, you can always PM me.
  10. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    try "Nothing else matters" (Not the solo, only the chords), "Summer of '69", "Knockin' on Heaven's door" etc.
    For Hindi, try "Yaaro" by KK, "Bhigi Bhigi" (Gangstar) etc. Those songs have only the basic chords and yet, they sound very well (and they are popular too)!!
  11. shourjya

    shourjya New Member not exactly a guitaring god a novice too..i face quite the same problemss,,esp playn the chord where you need to cover down all 6 strings.. f major...d... the proper chords..not the short forms..neway..u can try out zombie-the cranberries.. its goes Em C G D listen to the song for the timing..its simple..its got a riff too..and thats a baby too...cheers!

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