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  1. iaj

    iaj New Member

    plz help me, i m new to guitar nd very passionate about it,
    plz tell me how to learn the chords, how to practicise these
  2. MAK_EyRiE

    MAK_EyRiE New Member

    search da pics 4m internet, den do these progression

    G , E , C , Am

    Dm , C , Am , E , G and so on

    Good Luck
  3. AhsenBhai

    AhsenBhai New Member

    i use to be scared of playing the chords and just try to look for tabs of songs.

    The way i learned the chords was first memorize the Major and Minor chords and keep practicing till i get them exactly right. Then try some easy chord songs and then move on to more advance ones. I am still a beginner, i got my guitar 4months ago and i have been trying to learn on my own rather from an instructor(cuz i dont know any :()
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