how to get your vidoe out there?

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  1. hasham

    hasham New Member

    hi guys i know this has nuthing to do wid tabs but i didnt know where to post this so i just dumped it here. ok my question is how do u get your bands video on tv? like how do u go about it after shooting the video and stuff like do wat do u do do u send in your tape to IM etc do they buy ut off you? do u sell is to them? how does it work . how would i get arounf getting a video on air saying if i was the director and shot the video .
  2. guitarboy_anand

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    you aint kidding me !!!!!!!!
    ok. heres what you do :-
    1.make a demo tape or CD(audio) of ur recordings.
    2.submit to a music company.(they've got 1000s lined up.)
    3.if ur lucky or influential you get ur song to be released by the company.
    4.COMPANY makes d video NOT u.

    if u do not have the time and money for all this then:

    make your own video(if u can)
    upload it and do ur own advertising

    (i know all this coz i am related to the field)
  3. hasham

    hasham New Member

    do u know any music companys i can send a demo to? cause me and my band we live in australia... were a pakistani influenced band who take our music really seriously.... does this give us an advantage /disadvantage? and if our say demo get schosen who pays for the video ? like does teh company pay for it intially then we pay them off after wards or wat?

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