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How to get keyboard notes for almost any song!!

Discussion in 'Misc Musical Instruments' started by tniranja, Jun 18, 2008.

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  1. tniranja

    tniranja New Member

    Download IGT Android App This is quite a known method, but looking at the many requests for Keyboard notes, i thought ill put up this 5 step tutorial to get the keyboard notes for almost any song and have a visual guide to assist you !! ( You can see the keyboard being played !!( atleast the keys are pressed, like in the display LCD of a standard keyboard))

    So lets get started..oh..and one thing, its always better to learn to write notes by yourself..but i want my first post to be useful (hehe)

    ***************** STEP 1*****************************

    First step(easy) choose the could be a new song from a bollywood album or an english song (easier).


    *****************STEP 2******************************

    This step is also quite easy (all of them are, actually)
    Locate and download the song in MIDI format (can go to a max of 200kb)
    It should be easy to, actually..all those sites that keep pressing you to download ringtones usually have most songs in MIDI (.mid) format..if u don't find one, google bollywood and ringtones

    Here are some sites:
    (for international songs)

    (bollywood songs)

    they are also called keypress tones or poly/monophonic tones

    For starters, here's the Kwaja song from Jodha Akbar:

    ***********************STEP 3***************************

    Download and install VanBasco's Karaoke player( Its free and easy you lumdum)

    and also, while you are there, check out all its features, especially the piano view (, which is of prime importance to us..

    also, the search engine there is pretty good:

    **********************STEP 4*************************

    Drag and drop the MIDI file into the playllist of the karaoke player, and start playing it..

    Reduce the tempo to ur convenience...also, from the MIDI output window, select the track you want to practice( helps a lot to find the basic notes) fact, the track with the drums can also help drummers to sync..

    **********************STEP 5*************************

    Now you can learn either from the visible piano or you cud make them into notes, using the regular notation..

    Another software that you could use is anvil studio( freeware, yet again) but VanBasco's is somewhat visually soothing..

    There you have it..easy to learn guide to any song on the keyboard/piano..MIDI files are easy to get actually..a bit of googling can find you almost any song, also, composers can better exhibit their works in this format, as it is light and more versatile..

    there are many sites having MIDI composition contests, and MIDI remixing contests..
    or (way cooler)

    Anvil is a great tool for composing too..

    If you found this post useful, reply or leave a comment..if you feel im just repeating a method that is very well known( of which I am myself aware),
    you still havta reply to tell me that!!

    Till later, buhbye...
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  2. Bart240

    Bart240 New Member

    Download IGT Android App Not a bad idea. I tried it out for "Ek ladki ko Dekha" to get the piano music sheet and didn't work. I got other instruments like: Woodblock, bell, percussion, etc. Any other ideas to get the piano sheet for this song or can you post it on here?
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  3. gururaj.d

    gururaj.d New Member

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  4. veebee

    veebee New Member

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  5. hariharan261188

    hariharan261188 New Member

    Download IGT Android App Your information is useful. I have a question. For example if I want the notes of rangeela how can I get the notes by the use of software. Can you explain
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