how to find chords??

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  1. whoisit

    whoisit New Member

    for a there any set rule to find guitar chords for a particular song? or u just try one after another?
  2. debadeep4u

    debadeep4u New Member

    Know the theory

    U have to know the basics of chord theory...u hv to know which chord is composed of which notes...(e.g. the major chords are formed by the 1st, the 3rd and the 5th notes of the major scale)...after u practise for a while, then u'll start remembering these. Now go for the song. Identify which notes are being played at what times (specially at the beats) and select the most appropriate chord that contains that note.

    A few general rules -

    1. If a song contains only notes from the major scale (the "shudh swar" s) then it can be played by three basic chords - the chords having the roots at the 1st, 4th and 5th notes of that scale. E.g. If the scale is D major, then the chords followed will be D,G,A.
    2. Sometimes a major chord can be replaced by an equivalent minor (a minor chord which sounds almost the same). Examples of equivalent majors and minors - D/Bm, E/C#m, G/Em and so on

    Try to learn the theory'll help u learn the chords faster.
  3. guitarist_bd

    guitarist_bd New Member

    hei i have a silly stupid question but im very much interested to get the answer. and for that i dont wanted to open a new thred. the question is "why we learn scale"?i mean what the purpose to learn the scale. where i will apply the scale. i should not play the sa re ga ma in the solo or lead then why we need to learn scale. how it helps us. plzz help me.
  4. guitarist_bd

    guitarist_bd New Member

    hey nobody answer? seems like its realy stupid..
  5. geniusoid

    geniusoid Acoustic Alchemist

    u need to practise - know ur Melbay and Nick Manloffs well...and most importantly, try to develop an ear for music... nothing works as well...
  6. mashfik

    mashfik New Member

    who says u dont play sa re ga ma in lead?every lead or tune is made of some combinations of the sargam (sa re ga ma...).because there are only those 12 notes in music.not more than that.these notes r the root of any,u must learn the sargams of different notes.try to play them effeciently.practicing this makes ur hand smoother and faster on the fretbored which is essential for playing lead.
  7. guitarist_bd

    guitarist_bd New Member

    aktu example dia bhujano jay?jemon kono ganer lead bolllen sathe bole dilen ata ai scale theke asece tahole easy hoto
  8. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

  9. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    If you don't learn scales, how ud u play??? Firstly, u need to learn it to quickly find out which chords will be used and which one not to be used. Secondly, if u don't learn scales, u wouldn't be able to play solo coz u don't know what scale(s) to play....The Sa re Ga Ma u r talkin' bout is C D E F G A B in western notation and that's also in a scale... It's C Maj. scale.... Click the link i gave and read the theory...u will feel better ;)
  10. guitarist_bd

    guitarist_bd New Member

    thanks that realy helpfull. i know the major scale how to play and also in the diferent mode but now how i will convert that in the solo or lead?which scale are bassically mostly needed or used in the solo or lead any idea?
  11. mashfik

    mashfik New Member

    well,i can't tell u how to create a tune with some certain scale.the tune comes from ur feelings but it is always based on the scale of the chords that is accompanying the tune.i can give u a little exarcise if u can do:

    take 2 chords.say Cmaj and select any rhythm(say, country rhythm. 4 bit).and now start struming the chords in a slow rhythm......Cmaj----Amin----Cmaj----Amin.....and keep playing for sometimes.record this in computer or in a tape play that tape and while u r listening the chord cycle,try to create a tune that matches to that Cmaj-Am chord circle...u'll see that,what ever tune u make,if it matches to that chord cycle,it'll always be within the notes of Cmaj and Amin.
  12. guitarist_bd

    guitarist_bd New Member

    yah now im understanding little bit. thanks a lot.can you tell me a fav song lead with specifying what scale they used then i can understand in complete.
  13. skywriter

    skywriter cHiLdReN oF bODOm

    i guess scale ta golar upor depend kore...scale bujhte sense to lagbey...ejonno ganta sune sune bajano jete paRE..tahole bojha jabe scale thik ache...but i dont think original scale iz necessary...vocaler sathe scale change kore progression paltanotai valo...sobai to sob scale e gete parena.

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