how to find chords for any song

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    wanted to make a thread like this way back but didnt get time ...or rather was too lazy ...;)...but anyways have some videos for you people as to how to find chords for any song...i know its pretty difficult and time taking for beginners to find chords.i find people posting threads that they would give chords for any song but later they abandon the thread..perhaps its not there fault its not possible to sit and listen to songs and find chords for each of them and again post them...i hope the link to the videos which i'll be giving to you might help you all a little bit...this is the way how i or rather most of the people find chords...cheers here's the video link have fun...if you have any doubt you can ask me later

    VIDEO LESSON: Finding the key to any song - YouTube

    Find A Songs Key And Its Guitar Chords - By Ear! - YouTube

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