How to figure out bends in the fretboard?

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by horsesmouth, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    1. How to figure out bends in the fretboard....i mean how to find out, is there some instrument???n how to cure it?


    2. Sorry if this question seems dumb, but:
    Is there any audlble difference between UP n DOWN strokes?

    my guitar seems 2 be unreasonably loud for me to find out....
  2. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    Ideally, there shouldn't be a difference in your up and down strokes. They should be even. Invariably, our down strokes tend to be a little harder than our upstrokes.

    I didn't understand the first question, to be honest.
  3. elfascinating

    elfascinating risqué

    I think what he means is the bending of the neck to form a curve.

    To find out if the neck is bent, hold your guitar at eye level and watch it along its length. You may even see a lot of gap between the strings and the fretboard. This way you'll know if it's bent.

    How to "cure" it? .. I don't know. You don't have much option but to take it to a Luthier. If the guitar is cheap, buy another one.
  4. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    If your fret board is warped, I don't think there's a lot you can do except get it replaced.

    If it's the neck or a truss rod problem, you can sometimes get it solved by leaning the guitar against the wall for a week without touching it at all. I've never tried this though.
  5. parry

    parry Sing ing Sing

    wel by bends do u mean the bend in the wood of the guitar where the handle joins he mainframe of the guitar? well for that just put it at eyelevel and see if the strings are even . u may press the E string and see if it touches every fret nicely.
    well the up and down strokes sound differ coz due to the sound of the first note that hits the pick.
    i hope that answers.
  6. distorted

    distorted satan

    If its abt bent neck, keep the guitar flat on ground with hole facing the earth, fr a week... N keep it away frm humidity...
  7. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    ^does the neck alwayz bend backwards or front-wards ??

    i cant find out, problem is other strings except the low-E are way above the frets, while low-E keeps buzzing everytime I play any note on it.....
    i tried out friends guitar, everything seems 2 b okay there,,
  8. parry

    parry Sing ing Sing

    yes then ur guitar is bent from the joint where the long neck meets the mainframe......get it check with some expert.
  9. vstanv

    vstanv New Member

    hey the buzzing mite not hav anything to do with warping... don worry! it buzzes when u play it open? its happnd to me too.. the D or A string.. and it was just about not changing the string properly... Just check playing the 1st fret then second, and go up till the third.. the buzzing should stop atleast by the third fret... then jus change the strings properly the next time and it should be fine.
  10. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    It bends the either way. Just depends on how you have set, and when you have set it.

    In summers and during the monsoons, your guitar neck tends to lean out (that is curved towards the front side). And during the winters it tends to lean in towards the backside.

    This causes a higher action during summers/monsoons and lower action during winters.

    You can easily feel it while playing, and see it as Elf says - by holding the guitar our straight, so that you can see the frets, just like you would see the railways sleeprs standing on rail tracks.

    You can easily make out whether the neck is twisted, or bowed. Neck warping is a very misleading term and I don't prefer using it.

    In case of bowing of the neck, you can cure it by simple truss rod adjustment.
    Twisted neck is almost impossible to cure. You may try to treat the wood, adjust the truss rod, do voodoo, but usually nothing works.
  11. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    no it doesnt buzz for top three-or-five frets....but as I go down-er, it buzzes more

    so is my guitar bowing(warping) or twisting? n whats the difference between the two....n where's this truss rod?
  12. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    i wud want 2 show it 2 som1, but I feel there's no honest man left in dombivli anymore
    so I'd wait for a consensus here, n then take it for a remedy
  13. shrutia87

    shrutia87 New Member

    Hi cud anyone tell me about different guitar prices.... wanna buy one... its my first one and also tell which one wud be the best for buying first time..... i am joning classes soon
  14. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    ^ If you could tel where you live, it would really help.

    Horsey, see that is the reason why I don't use the term - neck warp. Because ppl use it WRONG.
    Warp = twist.
    But ppl (guitar playing public) usually use warp to describe bowing.

    I guess you can easily make out whether your guitar neck is bowed or twisted just by looking at the frets - the way I said.
  15. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

  16. vstanv

    vstanv New Member


    u get decent sounding guitars from about 2.5 k... // Signature, plato

    gbna guitars are good too //4.5k around

    gbna guitars with pick up and eqalizer //6 k around

    yamaha - donno the cost... must be more than all these, but sure have heard sounds good.

    anws its not about the cost.. its about how good it sounds.. try learning some tunes before buying, play it in the shop and see if u like the sound...

    then check the action (the distance btw the fretboard and the strings)
    -shouldn't be too high- so that playing is easier...
    then see if u want a cut away model
    -the asymmetric looking guitars... they are better cuz you can play higher frets too



    <u cud ask ur questions by creating a new thread.>
  17. vstanv

    vstanv New Member


    just find a good luthier and get it checked...

    mine was kinda bowed once... i took it to a luthier, he removed the three screws in the headstock, had an L shaped instument and kinda tightened/loosened the torsion rod with it. 5 mins and it was all done..
  18. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    Awryt I'll do it,
  19. elfascinating

    elfascinating risqué

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