How to die in 0.7 seconds???

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    Do you know what happens in the first fatal second after a car going 55 mph hits a solid object?

    In the first 1/10th of the second, the front bumper and grille collapse.

    The 2/10th finds the hood crumbling, rising and striking the windshield as the spinning rear wheels lift from the ground. Simultaneously, fenders begin wrapping themselves around the solid object and although the car's frame has been halted, the REST OF THE DRIVER'S CAR IS STILL GOING 55 MPH! Instinct causes the driver to stiffen his legs against the crash and they snap at the knee joint.

    During the 3/10th of the second, the steering wheel starts to disintegrate and the steering column aims for the driver's chest.

    The 4/10th of the second finds two feet of the car's front end wrecked while the rear end still moves at 35 mph and the driver's body is travelling at 55 mph.

    In the 5/10th the driver is impaled on the steering column and blood rushes to his lungs.

    The 6/10th finds the impact built up to the extent that the feet are ripped out of tightly laced shows. The brake pedal breaks off. The car frame bubkles in the middle adn the driver's head bangs into the windshield as the rear wheels, still spinning, fall back to the earth.

    IiN THE 7/10th, hinges rip loose, doors open and the seat breaks free, striking the driver from behind. BUT HE DOESN'T MIND BECAUSE HE IS ALREADY DEAD, and the last three tenths of the second mean nothing to him.

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    nice info .... in a nutshell carefully! .. we get these tv ads in uk u which they actually show a kid being hit by a driver who was driving at 35mph ... they say if he was driving at 30mph .. the kid would have been saved .. it takes dunno how many yards to brake...extra yards that is .... when you cross the 30mph boundry ... people need more awareness ...

    P.S: the above two posts are makin me believe that we haev got new emoticons ... kids!!
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    interesting..where did u get to know all this cYpher...discovery channel??..generally discovery airs such interesting programs..anyways!!.. 55mph is too much..isnt it..whew

  7. d_ist_urb_ed

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    @cYpher, dude, that's really scary dude. Am not gonna drive fast......... that scared the living hell outta me.
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    COOL so what should i say death rules

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