how to decide which guitar to buy??

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  1. manuagarwal007

    manuagarwal007 New Member

    Hi Friends,

    I am a beginner and i want to buy a guitar within the budget of Rs. 5-6K, I have following queries please help me out on the same:
    1) I have heard about the brands like hobmer, gibson, yamaha etc. which brand would be best if i want to buy acoustic guitar?
    2) There are many shapes in guitar like dreadnought, jumbo, minijumbo etc. which shape would be best in order to get a good sound?
    3) i have also heard abut woods like cedar etc which are used in guitar. which wood is best in guitars?
    4) Also, there is lot of variety in strings as well like 6 strings, 10 strings etc. How to decide that?
    5) Could you please recommend any particular model among the above mentioned brands which i should consider when i buy the guitar?
    6) Can anyone please suggest which are the good guitar teachers in Mumbai with their contact details?
    7) lastly, if there is any other vital factor which i should consider before buying guitar, then please let me know.

    Thanks alot for your guidance.
  2. saurabhrocks

    saurabhrocks New Member

    woow!! a lot of questions...

    1)ok to begin we classify brands as original and fake,
    hobner,givson etc are fake brands and cheaply priced rip of the originals.

    yamaha, gibson,taylor,fender are reputed brands and the guitars are more pricey than the fake ones, but so is the quality.


    2)there are various body sizes availible like dreadnought, jumbo, grand jumbo, mini jumbo,grand auditorium,

    all these shapes have thier charcterstic sound,
    like dreadnoughts sound bassy and auditoriums have a balanced sound

    (i recommend dreadnought)
    go to

    3) now before going on to types of woods there are two types of guitars
    one having laminated wood(a fancy name for plywood),and other solid wood.
    laminated wood guitars are cheaper but don't sound as gud as thier 'solid wood' counterparts.

    u can't call any wood the best,each wood has its own cahracterstics
    now wood has a great deal of effect on sound,actually it is very complex
    so let this be for the luthiers to deal with,
    as a guitarist be concerned with the sound, what sounds gud is gud.

    4)now the most common i mean(99.7%) guitars are six stringed
    and u will buy a six string
    there are 12 string guitars avalible in which every string is double,
    rest 7 and 8 strings are all custom made for some artists
    u don't need to go into that now just go and buy a six string.

    5)i will recommend a yamaha dreadnought or jumbo

    6)sorry abt teacher, cant help u here.

    7)other things u shud know.

    take a experienced person with u to check out the guitar,cause it can have many flaws in it
    check the body for cracks, even if it has minor cracks reject it
    check the height of the strings from the fretboard,it should not be at any point higher than approx 1cm

    check the joints.
    check the tuning machines they should not be too stiff,or too loose.

    hope this helped u
  3. manuagarwal007

    manuagarwal007 New Member

    Hi Saurabh,

    Many Many thanks for your reply :) Your answers have really helped a lot and now i am pretty clear about which guitar i should buy.
    Anyways, do you know anyone in your network who knows a good teacher in mumbai.
    Also let me know how much time typically it takes in learning the guitar if i attend classes on sat and sunday and do half an hour to one hour practice daily.

    Thanks once again.
  4. saurabhrocks

    saurabhrocks New Member

    sorry can't help u with teachers,though u can post a thread in chit chat lounge regardind that.

    let me tell u my experience,actually teachers help u in correct positioning of fingers and rythm
    but the real learning is on ur side.
    read as much theory as possible.and try to implement it urself
    and do not place too much trust in ur teacher.
    use classes as a ladder once u know the basics ,pick up on ur own
  5. manuagarwal007

    manuagarwal007 New Member

    Hi Saurabh,
    thanks a lot for sharing your experience. as u rightly said i am gonna use teacher for finger positioning etc. but i would def read theory for more learning. COuld you tell me which would be the best website or book etc. for thoery purpose?
  6. SqueakM9

    SqueakM9 mumble

    **** it get gibson...
    sell your sister if you have to
    nothing beats a les paul
  7. saurabhrocks

    saurabhrocks New Member

    igt itself contains a lot of theory, search around

    some useful books are
    1)complete idiot's guide to playing the guitar
    2)a modern method for guitar

    otherwise google up guitar scales an chords
  8. manuagarwal007

    manuagarwal007 New Member

    thanks a ton saurabh :)

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