How To Connect Guitar To The PC?

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by Chirag, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. Chirag

    Chirag New Member

    Is there any way we can connect the guitar to the pc and record songs via the headphone mic ? any additional software needed for this?
    btw i m talking about an acoustic guitar wid pick up.
  2. lahiri

    lahiri New Member

    depends on cost/quality

    For acoustic guitar with pickup, I'm guessing it's a passive pickup, so you'll need some form of amplification.

    If you have an amp, connect the Out from it to the In Mic In of your PC and record using the sound card. This will be th cheapest but also the worst quality recording.

    For higher quality, you'll have to invest in Audio cards that can do a range of things, as well as some audio production software.

    Let me know if you need more info and are willing to spend $$ (or INR) and I can walk you through many options.

  3. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    ^^who said?? :shock:

    u can plugin even an acoustic guitar without pickup (with out put only)
    Just use boosting converter (small jack to big jack, costs sumthing lyk 15 rupees :))connect the the respective ends (to microphone or linein port of comp) and unmute the port...u can now do nething...:)
  4. lahiri

    lahiri New Member

    hmm....never tried that

    I thought you would always need some form of (pre)amplification along with a passive acoustic pickup so that the mic in of your sound card can pick up the electrical impulses. Unless... your pickup is battery powered and hence is a preamp in itself.
    Anyways, if it works that way...good. Problem solved.
  5. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Actually, the signal form the mic too is very very weak.
    Usually the soundcard itself has a +20dB boost option on teh mic-in port.
    Ofcourse you don't such an option on the line-in port.

    So even with passive/piezo whatever pickups you can make a direct connection to the soundcard.

    But there would be an impedance mismatch, since microphone and electric pikcups have different output impedance. The mic-in port of soundcard has been designed for different input imepdance.

    I am not sure, but I guess that may lead to some loss of frequencies. Hence, change in tone.
  6. nazr

    nazr angel is my genital..

    Can an acoustic with pickup installed be connected to an amp and produce electric like sound?
  7. rohit

    rohit New Member

    i have a cherub pickup.i have used it on my friends amp.adjust the tone you will get electric guitar like sound.not that accurate though.
  8. gibson_Playa

    gibson_Playa New Member

    hmm ok this is me suggestion by a cheap cable for rs.100 take it to an electrician and ask him to put one mono plug on one end after that is done you cave to put it in the microphone or line in socket of your computer and if u hav a good recording software (i prefer my virtual dj ) just click on record and make sure you make the bit rate high or else the sound will come very very soft u can try this with electric and acoustic
  9. saurabhrocks

    saurabhrocks New Member

    c'mon man connectivity is not the issue.any dumb person and put a small jack on one and a large one for guitar on another.

    if u just want to connect the guitar for fun it's will work
    and usind some software like audacity, u can even control the input sound(dosen't help though).

    but it is definitely not fit for a decent will sound booming and crappy. the best thing to use a preamp.
    and also invest in a gud soundcard.

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