How to connect a guitar to a computer?

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  1. sanjeev george

    sanjeev george New Member

    How do u connect an electric guitar to a computer?
    The guitar cable jacks are too large to enter any socket in the CPU.....Is there any inter-connecting device between guitar and cpu?
    can someone provide step-by-step instructions on how it is done?
  2. harmonizer

    harmonizer The Son of the Moon

    there is a 1/4 to 1/8 (3.5mm) jack converter available for 25-30 bucks in the market

    1) attach to blue colored 'line in' jack of ur CPU.
    2) select it for recording in ur Audio GUI control panel
    3) play

    u can use some guitar software like guitar rig to have a ASIO control on Audio
    It'll work as a guitar amp with many preset & adjustable effects too.. I use FL studio 9 in which 'Hardcore' is my guitar amp...

    hope this helped (this is a dead thread though) :):):):)
  3. bhilairockers

    bhilairockers New Member

    you can purchase a connector from your local music instrument shop for connecting your guitar to PC.
  4. allen sebastian

    allen sebastian

    for a good and better input and output u should buy a good audio interface. a basic audio interface is "YAMAHA AUDIOGRAM 6" which i'm using for recording guitars, vocals, keyboards, etc and its my home studio. you will need to spend a little amount of 7k for this.

    as "harmonier" mentioned use Guitar RIG or IK Multimedia Amplitude. and for recording u will get original DAW (Cubase AI) with the interface

    connecting guitar through headphone slots given on the computer mostly ends on some useless noises and the cables are worst,... always prefer best and clean IO. have fun.

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